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Outlaw Trail brings you the classic villains of the old west. Harken back to a time when men were snakes and women were the damsels in distress. A time when legends like Jessie James and Calamity Jane rules the west by the might of the gun.

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Outlaw Trail

Allows you to assume the identity of Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane or any other notorious outlaw and reenact the historical events that made them legends. Then follow the OUTLAW TRAIL across the United States in an attempt to escape over the Mexican Border with $40,000 [dollars].

Or you could end up as a bounty hunter pursuing  your fellow outlaws for the $20,000 [grand] reward on each desperado — dead or alive. Robber’s Roost is the only safe place from a bounty hunter in hot pursuit.

Along the trail be prepared to encounter poker games, dance hall girls, saloon brawls and showdowns with Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson or “Wild” Bill Hickok. You can also take the risk of being shot by the townspeople in an unsuccessful bank robbery. This leaves you no longer among the living, and you must return to start and assume a new identity.

On rare opportunity FATE CARD will lead you to a hidden Wells Fargo box containing negotiable stock certificates. Other FATE CARDS will bring you into contact with forces, good or evil, beyond your control.

PLUNDER CARDS tell you how much money you acquire each time you rob a bank, train, or stagecoach. And STOP CARDS will delay your race to the boarder. If you’re short of cash once you near the border you’ll have one last chance to doubl eyour money at the gambling casino in Nogales, Arizona.

Upon arriving at the end of the OUTLAW TRAIL, it’s quite possible you’ll discover you’re a lone Gringo in another country. Don’t worry. The manufacturer consulted with the Federal Marshal and guarantees amnesty to all wayward outlaws.

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